Dallas Dave


Elmer looked at himself in the cracked full-length mirror screwed into the front of the bathroom door.  He had just pulled on his newest Osh Kosh overalls and had hiked the galluses up over his best white shirt. Elmer turned sideways and kinda sucked in his belly; “Bet she’ll like this,” he thought.  He pulled […]

Sister Alma – Part II

Dr. Fesperman turned to Sister Alma and shook his head.  “No doubt about it, Alma, I’d say you are about two months along.”  The doctor was short and stocky and was always in a three-piece suit. “Okay Doctor, guess I’ll just have to deal with it.”  She looked hard at him and opened her blouse, […]

Sister Alma – Part III

Sister Alma was in her bedroom, turned sideways in front of the full-length mirror, one of the nice oval ones that swiveled and had oak trim and beveled glass. She was wearing a nightgown and placing one arm above and one arm below her large protrusion. “It’s gettin’ out there,” she said out loud.  “Of […]


Part 1—THE CALLING Zeke Taylor was in the hole.  It was not actually a hole, but prison lingo for solitary confinement  That was the bad news; the good news was that he had only three days left there, and the even better news was that when he returned to the regular prison population at the […]